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When you can have the best of both worlds combined, why choose?
A non stop party with the flexibility that comes with a DJ and an amazing live show combined!


DJ & Amazing Live Show Combined

Non-Stop Party

Customized Show

Live Interaction

Creating Memories isWhat We Do Best!

This spectacular DJ act combines the best hits with a great show of live musicians. Why would you choose between a DJ or a band when you can have the best of both worlds? The DJ mixes non-stop and the show comes together with performances by live musicians, which can be customized entirely to your needs. From a “small” show with 2 musicians (for exampe vocals and sax) to a large showband with 5, 6 or more musicians and a dance crew; everything is possible! And all of this combined with an energetic DJ who mixes the records together in our own unique way to creathe the ultimate live experience.

This DJ act from Amsterdam makes sure that the records are tailor-made for the musicians, in which this act is actually unique. It creates an amazing musical freedom for the musicians in which they can excelerate and complement the DJ musically. A unique show and amazing performance that you won’t forget!


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What Our Clients Are Saying

“Fantastic Performance”

Thank YOU, guys, very much for a fantastic performance! Everyone loved it! Hope you enjoying your Monday! Thank you again!

Anastasija, TOMTOM International, The Netherlands

“This band is all you need”

This band is all you need, they can go small, big, ecstatic and over the top. We loved their energetic performance and will book them again for every event. The great thing is, you can book a different set-up everytime and it’s never the same. The show gets better and bigger every year. From easy listening to a party, they can do it all!

Bart van de Beek, Eventbureau.nl, NL

“We love the energy and vibe”

You guys are absolutely great! We’ve been working with FloorJaxx for over more than 3  years now and we keep coming back. We love the energy and vibe and the flexibility you have for creating the perfect theme and event. See you at the next event!

Kenya, Nutricia, NL

“Het was geweldig”

Het was geweldig, iedereen heeft enorm genoten en de muziek was top!

Celine Kalfsbeek, Kalfsbeek BMW, The Netherlands

“We zullen jullie zeker aanbevelen!”

Graag wil ik jullie bedanken, voor het geweldige professionele optreden van afgelopen zaterdag op het feest van onze directeur. We hebben alleen maar complimenten ontvangen over jullie professionele verschijning en optreden. Wij zullen jullie zeker aanbevelen!

LEEBO, The Netherlands

“Het was echt super!”

Wij danken je ook voor het optreden. Het was echt super! Petje af. We maken er een mooie montage van!

Vorst Media RTL, The Netherlands

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